With its constant research and development in the field of stone materials and their derivatives, Montresor – whose very name is synonymous with edge polishers – is now specialised in the design of technological solutions able to meet the requests of those who process finished products like marble, granite, quartz, porcelain and synthetic materials.

With an eye in particular to the production needs of those laboratories where batch sizes are diminishing but the machining operations are increasingly diversified, Montresor has come up with the new Faster range of edge polishers for mirror polishing the flat edges of marble, granite, quartz, sintered materials and ceramic.

Faster stands out for its perfect combination of innovation and practical, modern design, thanks to the compact dimensions of the robust edge polisher structure. The various units (blade cut, calibrator, bush hammer) are automatically positioned for lead-in and lead-out on the basis of the materials, thicknesses and machining operations, thereby simplifying and speeding up the tasks.

The main machining parameters can be saved in formulations personalised by the operators, making their job easier to carry out. In addition, this innovative system ensures regular chamfers every time, with the tool always in the right position.


The new Faster technological solution is ideal for laboratories of any size, from the smallest with its potential space problems to the largest companies. It also guarantees excellent results over time in terms of quality, precision, reliability and versatility. In fact, Faster stands out for its:

  • optimum machining precision and versatility, making it the perfect choice when processing kitchen and bathroom tops and, more generally, constructions and building works, furnishings, interior facings and funerary art;
  • reduced tooling times and simplified machining operations, thanks to the latest automatic devices;
  • work ergonomics for the operator, and extremely easy use thanks to a simplified interface.


The Montresor range is completed with:

  • Luna – the range of horizontal edge polishers for flat and toroidal edges;
  • Vela – the range of vertical edge polishers for flat edges;
  • Viva – for making V-grooves.
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