A totally new online presence makes for easy navigation and ensures tailor made solutions for the customer. Immediate accessibility and usability, access to main information and integration with social networks: the new Montresor website is now officially online (www.montresor.net/).


A functional look, creativity that makes for a pleasant user experience and a one-of-a-kind project. It is not just about graphic restyling, making the website coherent with Montresor communication, the new website is also an enhanced platform which multiplies business opportunities through a modern and flexible interface, where the content takes on the lead role in a strategy customised for every market.

The website, currently launched in Italian and English, summarises Montresor’s communication strategy, from the traditional background colour to the precise technological details, from the company history to the ongoing and strong collaboration with the two leading partners in the stone processing sector, Intermac and Donatoni Macchine.


Always focused on machines and technologies, the Montresor website accentuates its avant-garde character
by strengthening how its products are presented. Product sheets are even clearer with larger images. Characteristics are emphasised with readable texts, technical details and multimedia content. Furthermore, the new product sheets make connecting with us easier via a box from which brochures can be downloaded or further information requested.


Not only responsive: Redesigning the Montresor website meant starting from the smallest, but most used tool, the smartphone, thus ensuring clarity, readability, a perfect user experience and making the most of the potential of each mobile device. In fact, pages automatically adapt making for a better browsing experience on smartphones and tablets thus minimising the need for resizing and scrolling.


Completely redesigning the montresor.net experience has allowed for the further strengthening of lead generation through the creation of contact forms and call to action strategies, the result of data analysis for improved positioning and a way to provide clients with an easy way to contact us. Furthermore, in the “Sales network” section, users can request more information and find exclusive agents and dealers in Italy and abroad, thanks to the widespread presence of Montresor, Intermac and Donatoni Macchine.


The home page has both “traditional” articles, characterised by a modern graphic layout and innovative hypertext solutions in the News & Events section, as well as content published on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in the “The latest from social media” section. An editorial plan that takes shape and is achieved through the creation and publication of new multimedia content, demonstration videos and photographic details, ranging from technological products to the ever-changing history of the company from Verona.

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