Viva Serie

  • Viva 32

When fabricating kitchen and bathroom tops, many prefer to use thinner slabs of material and then glue a frontal piece to it to increase the thickness of the visible edge.

With the VIVa 220 Montresor presents a new completely automatic machine for mitering: a double 45° cut to obtain two polished slab pieces to be glued together at 90°.

The patented V-groove unit consists of 2+2 opposing blades working at 45°. The blades cut the slab leaving 0,2-0,8 mm of uncut material on the polished side of the slab.

The complete operation is controlled by PLC, and the operator has only to set the cutting position which will establish the size of the frontal part to be glued, until a maximum of 220 mm.

The positioning of the discs is completely automatic.



The vains of the material continua on the frontal part to be glued


Side groove for easy assembly with biscuit joining


Automatic programs for semplified execution in case of cutting on more than one perpendicular sides with maximum precision in the joining angles


Adjustment of r.p.m. of the cutting discs and disc wear control