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In the late sixties, with the experience they had gained in mechanical construction, the founding managers decided to specialize in one market: the manufacturing of edge polishing machines was born.

These machines are continuously modernized by the most up-to-date technology and they are all over the world, where edge polishers has meant MONTRESOR all the time.

The range of edge polishers Montresor comprises 3 technologically different series of machines. This allows to satisfy the most different needs in the field of marble, granite, stone and porcelain. In this way the most diversified needs in the stone field can be satisfied.

Another milestone on the path towards creating a full range of products dedicated to professionals in the natural and synthetic stone machining sector. This joint venture, led by Intermac, in partnership with Donatoni Macchine, has ring 100% of Montresor & C s.r.l. by August 2017.

As a company, Montresor has always placed itself at the forefront of innovation, offering superb quality and the ability to meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. These values are shared with Intermac and Donatoni Macchine, and provide the basis of an operation that aims to position the company as the only choice for those looking for complete and integrated solutions for the stone industry.

The agreement with Montresor, along with a similar one recently signed with Movetro s.r.l. (in this instance, concerning glass processing technologies), is set to represent part of the growth trajectory for Biesse Group as a whole, strengthening the company’s offering of 4.0 ready solutions in the era of digital manufacturing and making Biesse the ideal partner for the design and construction of special fully-automated and integrated turnkey systems and production lines.





The company has an up-to-date production department, closely connected with the technical office which is provided with state-of-the-art technology.
The accounting department works together with the sales one on the care of the customers and on the coordination of the after-sale service.
An agent network in Italy and in many countries of the world provides service and close contacts between company and customers.